I’m not in this thing to make money — or to spend it. All campaign merchandise is for sale at prices specifically geared toward minimizing both ends of that. So far I’ve got a yard sign, a t-shirt, and a bumper sticker ready for purchase, via Zazzle. For some reason, Zazzle will not allow the seller to set the “royalty” to zero — the minimum is 5% — so I will in fact make a little money if you buy the merch. I’ll be looking for less expensive, and “no royalty” capable, vendors. Until then, I’ll probably use any money I make from this to have Imo’s pizza, or Cashew Station’s cashew chicken, or Corky’s barbecue put on dry ice and shipped to me. And consider yourself entirely free to make (and, if you like, sell) your own merch using these designs or your own!

The Yard Sign:


It’s 12″ x 18″,  printed on lightweight corrugated plastic, and comes with a wire stake for yard placement. It’s $16.32, which means I’ll receive about 80 cents per sign sold, whether I want it or not. You can buy it here.




The T-Shirt:



100% cotton, unisex sizing. Front: “WRITE IN THOMAS L. KNAPP FOR PRESIDENT” — Back: “you know you want to” and the campaign web site URL. Stylish! It’s $21.60, which means I’ll receive about $1.10 per shirt sold, whether I want it or not. You can buy it here.




The Bumper Sticker:




It’s $3.64, and it will feel almost like you bought a new car (I’ll make about 20 cents on the deal, whether I want to or not). Get it here.