Q: Why?

A: Why is a presidential candidate operating out of a basic/primitive-looking site made with ClassicPress (which is basically WordPress before WordPress started sucking)? Well, Geocities went out of business, so …

Q: No, no, no — why are you running as a write-in candidate for president of the United States?

A: Oh, that. The short answer is “because I can.”

Of the 50 states, 41 allow write-in votes, and nine of those don’t even require any paperwork. There are 484 electoral votes available via write-in votes. It only takes 270 to win the election. So I’m in the running!

It’s my opinion that all voting should be done on a write-in basis.

After all, if you can’t even remember the names of the candidates you want to vote for well enough to be able to write those names down, do you really know enough about the candidates to be voting in the first place?

Furthermore, all-write-in voting would eliminate the “ballot access” barriers that America’s two “major” parties put up to make it more difficult for independent and “third party” candidates to threaten their grip on power.

OK, we’re past “short answer” length now. If you follow my campaign,  or at least knock around the web site occasionally, you’ll see more about why I’m running for president at all … but that shortest of short answers, “because I can,” does work.